Review - The Diary of Anne Frank

June 15, 2005
Curtain Call's 'Anne Frank' reaps awards

On Memorial Day weekend, Curtain Call Theatre of Braintree packed a 24-foot truck with the large and beautiful set of their production of "The Diary of Anne Frank" and headed to Babson College for the annual Eastern Massachusetts Association of Community Theaters (EMACT) Festival. The cast of 10 and crew of 12 worked together in harmony and team spirit, and brought back a number of awards for their efforts.

The EMACT festival showcases the talents, both onstage and behind the scenes, of local community theatres. A panel of adjudicators provide valuable feedback on each production and hand out a variety of awards.

Each group has just five minutes to assemble their set, 45 minutes to perform their piece, and then another five minutes to get their set off of the stage. Going over any of these time limits results in disqualification. The five-minute setup and strike posed some concerns for CCT this year, as the set for Anne Frank was complex, comprising three large wooden platforms and a wide array of set dressing. Under the leadership of stage manager Andrea Hager, the CCT crew was able to set it up in about 4 minutes and 40 seconds.

CCT's entry received awards for Best Costume Design (Martha Sawyer); Best Ensemble; Best Sound Design (Stacey Erikson) and Best Supporting Actor (Richard Carey). They were also nominated for five other awards: Best Stage Manager (Hager), Best Set Design (David DaCosta), Best Supporting Actor (Mark Logue), Best Supporting Actress (Rachel Fisher-Parkman) and Best Director (Erikson).

Curtain Call Theatre has participated in this festival since 1998. Last year they were honored with the First Runner-up position, which allowed them to compete at the regional level.

It was a fabulous day, filled with challenges and solutions, sweet and an ice cream truck, and amazing teamwork and positive thinking. And, of course, a whole bunch of quality local theater.