Director: Peter Kates

Audition Date(s)

Monday, August 7th and Tuesday, August 8th

Audition Info

Auditions will be on Monday and Tuesday, 7 and 8 August, and will for the most part involve readings from the script.

Scripts will be distributed at a first cast meeting/read-through on Sunday 13 August. There will be two other rehearsals in August. Rehearsals up until the second week of October will involve scene work, most of the major roles requiring an average of two rehearsals per week. Starting in the second week of October rehearsals will be of whole acts, requiring more frequent attendance. Tentative plans are for rehearsals on Sunday afternoons and Tuesday and Thursday evenings.


There are nine excellent major roles (the listed "onstage time" indicates how evenly-balanced they are), three good cameos and one walk-on.

MYRTLE MAE SIMMONS. Major role (onstage time 38%)

Late 20's to early 30's. "Properly brought up," shy, repressed midwestern maiden. She knows that she'll never get a husband as long as her Uncle Elwood keeps seeing Harvey.

VETA LOUISE SIMMONS. Major role (onstage time 40%)

50's. Upper middle class midwestern matron. She tries to remain respectable by hiding her brother's eccentricity.

ELWOOD P DOWD. Major role (onstage time 44%)

Late 40's. Gentle, unassuming friendly man who stopped fighting life some years ago. Extremely courteous in an old-fashioned way.

HARVEY POOKA. Major role (onstage time 50%)

Several hundred years old. Invisible rabbit. (Note: This role has already been cast)

RUTH KELLY, R.N. Major role (onstage time 51%)

Late 20's. Efficient nurse, helpful and sympathetic. She understands everyone's feelings but her own.

DUANE WILSON. Major role (onstage time 30%)

30's. Virile and not-very-properly brought up attendant at the sanatorium. He provides a strong arm when needed.

LYMAN SANDERSON, M.D. Major role (onstage time 41%)

30's. Up-and-coming psychiatrist, very sensitive to his patients, less understanding of himself.

WILLIAM R CHUMLEY, M.D. Major role (onstage time 30%)

50's to 60's. Important and influential psychiatrist, very successful in treating the eccentric insane. His success hides his dissatisfaction until he meets Harvey.

JUDGE OMAR GAFFNEY Major role (onstage time 26%)

60's. Crusty old lawyer, determined that justice be done. A very good friend, especially when being so gives him a chance to throw his weight around.

MRS BETTY CHUMLEY. Cameo role (1 scene) (onstage time 10%)

50's. Not-very-bright but quite pleasant wife.

MRS ETHEL CHAUVENET. Cameo role (1 scene) (onstage time 4%)

60's to early 70's. High in midwestern society, easily charmed accustomed to proper behavior.

E J LOFGREN Cameo role (1 scene) (onstage time 4%)

40's to 50's. A down-to-earth cabbie who knows what happens to people when they become sane.

MISS JOHNSON Walk-on role (onstage time 1%)

Any age. A maid.

Event Date(s)

Performances will be the last weekend of October and the first weekend of November.

About the Event

Harvey appeared in 1944. Although the country was at war in a world gone mad, the events of the play give no signs of that greater conflict; the story is instead centered on a normal, gentle, genteel, middle-class midwestern American community. With the help of Harvey, one member of this community, Elwood P Dowd, has opted out: this one eccentric exponent of a kinder and gentler world is pitted against an overwhelmingly sane society armed with legal power and medical technology.