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Upcoming Auditions

Dancing at Lughnasa

Dancing at Lughnasa
Directed by Bill Gardiner

Audition Dates

Sunday, December 9
at 7:00 PM

Monday, December 10 at 7:00 PM

Possible Callbacks
Tuesday, December 11

Performances: February 22-24, March 1-3, 2019

Brief Synopsis

Brian Friel’s Tony Award winning masterpiece features the five Mundy sisters and their brother Jack, who has returned home after 25 years away. The play is set in Ireland in 1936 during the festival of Lughnasa, which celebrates the pagan god of the harvest with drunken revelry, music and dancing. The story is told by Michael, the illegitimate son of one of the sisters, who recalls one summer, long ago, spent with the five women who raised him.

Character Descriptions See below for audition sides

Kate Mundy - Early 40’s. Kate is the eldest of the Mundy sisters and behaves as a Mother figure as a result. As a schoolteacher, she is the only wage-earner in the house. She is a fiercely devout Catholic, indicated by her distaste for the pagan practices at Lughnasa and Jack's loss of faith.

Maggie Mundy - 38-40. In place of a career, Maggie acts as the chief family homemaker. Throughout the play she is revealed as serving a deeper purpose as the "joker" of the family, defusing tensions as they arise. Maggie is seen to have dreams of her own when she learns of her best friend's success. Her sudden quiet contemplation in her monologue is deeply contrasted with her usual fun-loving way of speaking.

Christina Mundy - At 26 years old, Chris is the youngest of the Mundy sisters, and, like Maggie, has no paid job. Gerry Evans fathered her son, Michael, seven years ago and is seen as walking in and out of their lives as he chooses. As a result, Chris fluctuates between falling into a deep depression when he leaves, yet being renewed with optimism that his next visit will be a permanent stay.

Rose Mundy - Rose is 32, but behaves much younger than her years, due to a developmental disability. This condition makes her particularly vulnerable to an unseen character, Danny Bradley, a married man, whom Rose believes is in love with her. She is particularly close to her older sister, Agnes, with whom she knits gloves to sell in the town.

Agnes Mundy
- Mid 30’s. Agnes is quiet and contemplative, knitting gloves with Rose whilst also helping to keep the house in order, along with Maggie. She appears to be silently infatuated with Gerry and is quick to leap to his defence.

Michael Evans (main character) - Mid 30’s. Michael does not appear onstage as a child, but his presence is alluded to by the other characters, while the adult Michael speaks his lines from the side of the stage. As a child, Michael is seen as being surrounded by love, since all five of the sisters dote on him. Michael also acts as a narrator, not only dictating the action as it goes on, but revealing the futures of the other characters in the play.

Gerry Evans - Late 20’s-early 30’s. Gerry is initially portrayed as an intensely negative character, particularly by Kate, for having left Chris after fathering her illegitimate son, Michael. However, upon his first appearance in the play, Gerry is shown to be charming and genuinely affectionate towards Chris. His current job as a gramophone salesman (like his former job as a ballroom dancing instructor) represents his freedom, in sharp contrast to the stagnant lives of the Mundy sisters.

Father Jack - Jack is in his late fifties. He had left home as a young man to work as a missionary in a leper colony in Uganda. Beyond this, he had been a Catholic chaplain in the British Army in East Africa during World War I. He is well respected in Donegal for his missionary work in a leper colony. However, his sudden return to Ballybeg for undisclosed reasons has paved the way for great changes. He has difficulty with his memory, often forgetting the names of his sisters or confusing them with his former house boy Okawa, with whom we are told he was very close. Jack professes a broad admiration for the pagan beliefs of the native people of Africa, and appears to have lost his Catholic faith, which may be the true reason his superiors have sent him back.

Audition Sides click each to open/download pdf

Maggie, Chris, Agnes & Rose
Agnes, Chris, Rose & Kate
Gerry & Chris


To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird
Directed by Jo d'Angelo

Monday & Tuesday, February 4 & 5, 2019 at 7:00 PM

Performances May 3-5, 10-12, 2019

Brief Synopsis

Adapted from Harper Lee’s classic novel, To Kill a Mockingbird explores civil rights and racism in 1930s Alabama. The trial of a black man unjustly accused of rape is seen through the eyes of a young Scout Finch. Scout’s growing awareness of the hypocrisy and prejudice present in the adult world drives this still-relevant story that addresses issues of class, courage, and compassion, and lessons that emphasize tolerance and decry

Character Descriptions

SCOUT: A young girl about to experience the events that will shape the rest of her life, she should, ideally, seem as young as nine. Scout is courageous and forthright. If a question occurs to her, she’ll ask it. Age is approximately 10-12.

JEM: He is a few years older than his sister Scout, and like his sister – perhaps even more than his sister – he’s reaching out to understand their unusual and thus not conventionally-admirable father. Probably the strongest undercurrent in Jem is his desire to communicate with his father. Age is approximately 10-14.

ATTICUS: He’s tall, quietly impressive, reserved, civilized and nearly fifty. He wears glasses and because of the poor sight in his left eye, looks with his right eye when he wants to see something well. It’s typical of Atticus that when he found out he was an extraordinary shot with a rifle, he gave up shooting – because he considered it gave him an unfair advantage over the animals. He’s quietly courageous and without heroics, he does what he considers just. As someone comments about him – “we trust him to do right.” Age is approximately late 30’s-mid 50’s.

CALPURNIA: Black, proud and capable, she has raised the motherless Scout and Jem. She’s a self-educated woman and she’s made quite a good job of it. Her standards are high and her discipline as applied to Scout and Jem is uncompromising. Age is approximately 30-60

DILL: Small, blond and wise beyond his years, he is about the same age as Jem. Dill is neater and better dressed than his friends. There’s an undercurrent of sophistication to him, but his laugh is sudden and happy. Obviously there is a lack in Dill’s own home life, and he senses something in Atticus that’s missing from his own family relationship. Age is approximately 10-13.

MAUDIE ATKINSON: Younger than Atticus, but of his generation, she’s a lovely sensitive woman. Though belonging to the time and place of this play, she has a wisdom and compassion that suggests the best instincts of the South of that period. Age is approximately 30-40.

WALTER CUMMINGHAM: Cunningham is a hard-up farmer who shares the prejudices of this time and place but who is nevertheless a man who can be reached as a human being. He also has seeds of leadership, for when his attitude is changed during the confrontations with Atticus, he takes the others with him. Age is approximately 40-50.

REVEREND SYKES: Rev. Sykes is the black minister of the Flint Purchase Church, called that because it was paid for with the first money earned by the freed slaves. He’s an imposing man with a strong stage presence. He should have a strong “minister’s” voice. Age is approximately 50-60.

HECK TATE: Heck is the town sheriff and a complex man. He does his duty as he sees it, and enforces the law without favor. The key to this man’s actual feelings is revealed in his final speeches to Atticus, and this attitude should be an undercurrent to his earlier actions. Age is approximately 40-50.

STEPHANIE CRAWFORD: She’s a neighborhood gossip, and she enjoys it to the hilt. There’s an enthusiasm in her talking over the people of her town that makes it almost humorous. Sometimes she says things that are petty, but partly it’s because she simply can’t keep herself from stirring things up. Age is approximately 60-70.

BOO RADLEY: Arthur Radley is a pale recluse who hasn’t been outside his house in fifteen years. It takes an extraordinary emergency to bring him out, and once out he’s uncertain about how to deal with people, and with his mission accomplished, he’s eager to return to his sanctuary. Age is approximately 30-35.

MRS. DUBOSE: She is an old woman – ill, walking with difficulty, her pain making her biting, bitter, and angry. However, she’s fighting a secret battle within herself, a battle about which few people are aware, and her existence has in it a point of importance for Jem and Scout . Age is approximately 70-80.

TOM ROBINSON: Robinson is black, handsome and vital, but with a left hand crippled by a childhood accident and held against his chest. He’s married to Helen and they have young children. He faces up to a false charge with quiet dignity. There’s an undercurrent in him of kindness, sensitivity and consideration. Age is approximately 25-35.

JUDGE TAYLOR: The judge is a wintry man of the South, who does what he can within the context of his time to see justice done in his court. While he tries to run his court impartially, his sympathy is with Tom. Age is approximately 60-70.

MR. GILMER: He is a public prosecutor who is doing his job in trying to convict Tom. In many ways his manner is cruel and hurtful. And yet under all this, he too has unexpressed doubts as to Tom’s guilt, and his heart isn’t really in this conviction. Still – he goes after it, and it’s a hard thing. Age is approximately 30-50.

BOB EWELL: Ewell is a little bantam-cock of a man who lives with his large family by the town dump. As Harper Lee describes their situation – “The town gave them Christmas baskets, welfare money, and the back of their hand.” Bob thinks this trial will make him an important man, and when Atticus destroys his credibility, Bob’s rage and frustration border on paranoia. Age is approximately 40-50.

MAYBELLA: The oldest daughter of Bob Ewell, she’s a desperately lonely and overworked young woman whose need for companionship – any companionship – has overwhelmed every other emotion. However, when her effort to reach out explodes in her face, she fights just as desperately for what she thinks is survival. Age is approximately 18-22.



Our fall musical, Nunsense has already been cast:


Sister Mary Regina: Mary Beth Murphy
Sister Mary Hubert: Rena Pemper-Rodriguez
Sister Robert Anne: Christine Kenney
Sister Mary Amnesia: Kels Ferguson
Sister Mary Leo: Nikita DaRosa


October 26, 27 & November 2, 2018 at 8PM
November 3, 2018 at 1PM and 8PM
October 28 and November 4, 2018 at 2PM






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