About Us

Curtain Call Theatre came together in June 1962, when a core group of local performers from various little theatre groups united to perform Oklahoma! Through the following years, Curtain Call Theatre has grown to perform quality productions of challenging theatre.

Our purpose is to provide a medium for members to develop their creative talents through experience in the field of theater. This purpose is predicated on the belief that individual skills in the techniques of stage craft, lighting, stage sets, costuming, makeup, play analysis, and acting, combined in a group effort that results in a positive theatrical production, supplying a beneficial cultural stimulus to both the members and the community that makes up our audience.

We stage three productions a year, generally a comedy, a drama, and a musical. Auditions are open to everyone - members and nonmembers alike - and we encourage your participation.

Curtain Call Theatre is governed by a board of directors that meets every month.

The Board of Directors

President - Meg Young
Vice President - Toni Ruscio
Treasurer - Jon Young
Recording Secretary - Ed Krasnow
Corresponding Secretary - Martha Sawyer
Membership Chairperson - Sharon Evans
Business Manager - Ann Noble
Publicity Manager - Valerie Grande
Play Reading Chairperson - James Sullivan